How I Learned To Eat Avocado

13 Apr

I have friends who look at me in horror when I tell them I don’t like avocado.

“What?” they exclaim. “How can you not like avocado? It’s amazing! Guacamole! Favorite thing ever!”

Sadly I cannot find it in my heart or tastebuds to enjoy a fresh ripe raw avocado. I have an aversion to certain textures which I can only describe as ‘gushy’: ripe bananas, raw tomatoes, and avocados are good examples of such. My husband adores all of these things, so I order my guacamole on the side so he gets extra, and the tomatoes on my burger also go to him, along with most of the bananas in our weekly produce box.

However, I am finding that I love to cook and bake with those gushy substances. Banana bread? I make a to-die-for loaf, and bananas make a great addition to muffin recipes (just substitute for the oil and/or part of the butter). Tomato sauce? Marinara is a favorite, and I can make anything from a veggie-stuffed balsamic-flavored extravaganza or a simple buttery sauce like you can find on smitten kitchen.  However, it was only recently that avocado made it onto my baking ingredient list.

I was reading Joy the Baker’s blog and came across her recipe for Vegan Chocolate Cake. Now, I’m not vegan and have no plans to move that way, I like my omnivorous status, thank you very much. However, I love a challenge, and with her assertion that these cupcakes were amazing, and the slightly overripe avocado sitting on my table begging to be used, I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, the cupcakes had good texture and flavor, and you couldn’t taste the avocado at all. Since then I’ve substituted avocado for butter in several muffin and banana bread recipes for good results.

Still, I stayed away from the raw avocado as much as possible. Until Saturday morning. Jer saw the avocado in the fruit bowl and asked me for a recipe. I put avocado into the google reader search box and what came up but an avocado smoothie. Well, this sounded completely disgusting to me, but of course Jer had to try it. So out came the can of evaporated milk and the ice cubes and he went to town. He made me try a sip of the smoothie, and I have to say I was less than impressed. But then, in a stroke of smoothie-making genius, Jer pulled out the magic ingredient: Nutella. A couple spoonfuls later and we had smoothies that tasted nothing like avocado yet possessed the smoothest, creamiest texture and the fantastic chocolate hazelnut flavor we know and love. And so my friends, I share this with you, as a testament to the power of Nutella to get even me to eat avocado.

Avocado-Nutella Smoothie


1 ripe avocado

2 tsp sugar

½ can evaporated milk

8 ice cubes

2 Tbsp Nutella


All of these ingredients are to taste. The original recipe called for sweetened condensed milk mixed with a little regular milk, but the evaporated was all we had, and I think it turned out better this way.


Blend the avocado, sugar, and half the ice and milk until fairly smooth. Add remaining ice/milk and Nutella. Adjust with additional milk or Nutella to suit your tastes.


Serves 2, or one hungry person.

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