Kitchen in Transition

29 May

I have been having a lot of fun lately reading and expanding my knowledge of traditional food preparation and healthy eating. Slowly but surely I am making the switch to a kitchen based on good fats, a plethora of veggies, and a lot less sugar. New additions to my cupboards include unrefined natural sugars, coconut oil for cooking and baking, full fat dairy and cultures for making my own yogurt and buttermilk, and even grass-fed meats.

Last night we had an incredible meal that put into practice what I have been learning. We bought some grass-fed steak from a local farmer, marinated it, and threw it on the grill. The marinade of red wine, raw apple cider vinegar, a smidge of honey and crushed garlic caramelized beautifully and was delicious. We had a huge salad with homemade ranch dressing, using buttermilk I had made and none of the additives found in commercial dressings. I also used the broccoli we had from our organic produce box. This was no ordinary broccoli though. I took some ideas from a couple of blogs and made a cheesy concoction. I sauteed bacon and onions, added the broccoli, then stirred in butter, cream, and cheddar cheese, along with some spices. It was soooo good. Simple, with lots of good fats and fresh ingredients.

The only grain involved was a couple of slices of my sourdough bread, which was prepared traditionally (soaked flours, natural yeast). I do want to reduce our grain consumption a bit, mostly through limiting our pasta/rice intake, and only eating baked goods that have been soaked, like my bread and bran muffins. I am looking forward to trying soaked oatmeal this weekend, as a treat before I go seriously low-carb for June.

Yes, low-carb for June, just to reset my system a bit and jump-start some weight loss. I’ve been feeling healthier and managing my allergies a lot better the past month but I really need to make some progress in the weight department. I’m too close to unhealthy, and I don’t like how I feel in my clothes. I stopped weighing myself a long time ago, to stave off obsession with my weight, but I know that I will feel better if I slim down a bit.

Jer is enjoying the changes and the meal plans I have come up with as well.  It is so encouraging to have a husband who is supported and engaged in the process, and will go with me to farmer’s markets and butcher shops, help plant and tend our new veggie garden, and eat whatever experiment I put on the table. Love that man.

Here’s to good changes, and a healthy life!

 This post is part of Fight Back Friday on Food Renegade.

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