Labor Day Weekend Projects (and an eCourse you should take!)

03 Sep

Yay for three day weekends! Mine is starting a bit early as I am working from home today, so I am interspersing housecleaning and kitchen projects with checking emails and calling clients. We have friends coming over for dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow, but the rest of the weekend will be low-key, so I have a long list of things I would like to get accomplished:

  • Homemade toiletry project: I have been slowly replacing my beauty products with homemade, toxin-free versions. I’ve already made deodorant, and ordered new moisturizers and hair products from MadeOn, which I am loving. Today I am making shampoo and conditioner, since I discovered that my current products rank very high on toxicity according to the Cosmetic Safety Database.
  • More Lacto-fermented goodies: Jer is powering through the batch of salsa we made a couple of weeks ago, so I am going to utilize some peppers and tomatoes that I picked up at a local produce stand to make another batch. I also need to make some more ginger carrots, as my first batch is gone, and my second batch failed (first lacto-fermenting fail, very sad).
  • Freezer projects: I’ve been making food for the church freezer to give to new moms and families in need. I’ve already made a casserole and some pizza dough, but I want to make cream biscuits and marinara (with the rest of the tomatoes from the 25lb box I bought)  for both my freezer and the church.
  • Baking projects: I’ve been enjoying the GNOWFGLINS sourdough eCourse and have a few recipes I would like to try. I made the cinnamon rolls last night for this morning’s breakfast and they were quite tasty and filling. I also have some coconut flour and want to try a few recipes, since I found a new source for pastured eggs (local, raised on grass, for only $2.50/dozen!) that can supply me with 2 dozen eggs a week, which really ups my ability to bake and cook with eggs (my previous source could only get me a dozen a week and was starting to drop off).

Speaking of eCourses, if you are interested in learning about the real food journey I am on and how and why to start changing your kitchen to a whole foods place, check out Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food for Rookies class. Kelly is one of the bloggers I follow, and has a ton of research to support the recommendations she makes. And who doesn’t want to take a class from someone with such a great sense of humor that she calls her self the ‘Kitchen Kop’? I love it.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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