Cold and Flu Season

24 Sep

With the weather changing and the chill coming on, webpages start to fill up with articles on combating the cold and flu season. Usually the articles are a rehash of the same article from last year and the year before: wash your hands, stay home when you are sick, get your flu shot. Those are the things we all do every year, and yet most of us still end up sick. I was thinking about it today and realizing that I haven’t taken a sick day all year. This is in great contrast to last year when I used up all my sick time between colds, flu, and mono. In previous years I was home with a flu or infection at least once or twice a winter.

The year is not over yet, but considering that I’ve been exposed to people who turned out to be harboring some pretty nasty infections (bronchitis and strep, things that would have taken over pretty quickly before) I am pretty confident in my ability to stay healthy this season.  As you might guess, I attribute it to the dietary changes we have been making and the way that my husband has been helping me learn how to rest. I used to be so busy and stretched so thin it was a wonder that I wasn’t constantly down for the count.  However, I’m slowly learning to slow down and recognize when I need to say no to a busy schedule, and I have a lot more energy as a result.

This morning I read an article that went beyond the usual platitudes to offer some valuable advice for boosting the immune system-actions that I myself have taken and feel have made a huge difference. If you want to have better health this season, I recommend you check it out here

It’s shaping up to be a cold and wet winter here in Seattle, but here’s hoping we can stay happy and healthy, even as we are visited by another snowpocalypse.

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