Health vs. Weight

18 Oct

As I go through my journey of researching healthy ways to prepare food, make beauty products, and detox from my years of prednisone, steroid creams, and antibiotics, I’m still struggling with my goal of losing weight. After my illness last winter I put on a huge amount of weight in a very short amount of time, and even though I have lost a lot of that I am still the heaviest I’ve been in many many years. While I have a loving and supportive husband who still makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the universe no matter what, I am personally dissatisfied with how I look right now.

The thing is, I know that I could go on some crash diet program or workout regimen or whatever and drop twenty pounds pretty easily. Heck, I lost seven pounds in two weeks cutting out grains. But I also know that my body has a lot of things it needs to recover from-the eczema, nutritional deficiencies, the stored toxins that those two weeks off grains released into my system.  Now is not the time to put my body through a rigorous and potentially damaging fad diet.

And besides, I keep reading about how dieting puts our bodies into starvation mode, leading us to gain even more weight back after we fall off the wagon. I certainly saw that-I lost fifty pounds through a low-carb diet and extreme exercise schedule, but once I didn’t have time to go to the gym for an hour every day I put back on all the weight that I lost, plus a bit more. And eating restricted diets can cause the nutritional deficiencies that are often at the heart of issues like eczema, low thyroid, blood sugar imbalances, etc. Some health bloggers out there, like Matt Stone, actually contend that the key to weight loss is increasing your metabolism and getting your body out of starvation mode by  eating a lot, so your body sees that it’s not in danger, and it builds up a good storehouse of the nutrients it needs.  I’m still researching this, and don’t plan on overfeeding anytime soon, but it makes a lot of sense.

I felt best this summer when I was eating a lot of really excellent, whole foods that I made from scratch. I lost weight very slowly, but still, I slimmed down. I had energy to do yoga or lift weights a few times a week.  This to me seems a lot healthier than trying to cut my calories down to a level where my system wants to shut down. I know that I want to have a diet that helps to heal gut dysbiosis, so I probably will continue to keep my sugar and grain consumption low, and implement some or all of the GAPS diet as a way to help with some of the health problems I have. With my medical history, that seems the smartest thing. But I’m not going to try to starve myself into a smaller size. My health is much more important than my weight.

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