Getting Back in the Kitchen

15 Dec

Three weeks ago I was deep in the throes of Thanksgiving planning, trying out pie crust recipes and trying to figure out how to best utilize my oven to cook both tasty free-range turkeys we had purchased, along with squash and potatoes and sourdough rolls and of course, lots and lots of gravy. My parents, brothers, and in-laws were all coming, bringing traditional family dishes like candied yams and green bean casserole. My only concern was whether the snow surrounding our house would melt soon enough for me to go out to the store for more butter and eggs.

Unfortunately, my grand feast never quite materialized. I came down sick on Wednesday, and spent most of Thursday on the couch while my wonderful husband and his fabulous parents did almost all of the cooking. My family ended up stuck at home with a touch of the stomach flu, so no tasty stuffing graced my table (I’m still waiting for a taste of mom’s stuffing and candied yams!). We did the best we could, but it wasn’t the holiday I had envisioned.

It went from bad to worse as I got sicker and sicker, and ended up in the hospital the following Monday with a nasty viral infection. While I have come to resist the idea of taking conventional drugs needlessly, I was so dangerously sick as to require IV antiviral and antibiotic medication, as well as narcotic painkillers and a steady dose of fluids and vaccines. Fortunately, though prayer and good doctors I made it through and was allowed to come home after almost a week in the hospital.

I’m still regaining my strength and healing from my little adventure, but it has been good to be home and in control of my diet again. There are only so many good options on the hospital cafeteria menu. Fortunately I had a good stock of beet kvass and kefir already fermented to help the healing process, as well as several quarts of turkey stock that my husband had made and frozen before we had to leave the house. I’m planning to make a couple batches of fermented veggies this week, and I’m loading up on all the healthy fats I can.  With the Christmas season upon us, I am looking forward to trying new real food recipes, like homemade egg nog and new cookie recipes using some sprouted flour I recently purchased.

We’re back in the saddle here at Ruminations-more recipes on the way!

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