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Menu Plan Monday: Grain Free Week One

We’re a few days in to our grain-free trial, and despite having an allergy setback due to a lot of dust we kicked up in a house project, I think we are doing pretty well. I’ll be interested to see how I recover, if cutting grains helps me get over allergic reactions quicker.

I’m trying out a lot of new recipes this week as I want to keep the menu varied and not eat just bone broth and butternut squash for two weeks straight. We love both of those things, but after awhile everyone needs variety!

Below are my dinner plans. I made a big pot of stew this weekend that we are eating for lunches the first half of the week, and leftovers will fill in towards the end of the week. I’m also trying out some grain-free baked goods like these delicious almond pumpkin bars for our breakfasts.

Monday: Flash-roasted salmon and Braised cabbage—We picked up a bulk order of wild Alaskan sockeye and I am anxious to use it! I’ve also been wanting to try the cabbage recipe, but I’m altering it to be more savor-removing the raisins and adding in red peppers and carrots.

Tuesday: Taco salad with cauliflower rice. No chips, tortillas, or beans, so the focus will be on the spicy meat and rice, and the lacto-fermented veggies like cortido and escabeche.

Wednesday: I’m out to dinner with a friend (a good test to see if you can eat out on GAPS) but I will start some chili on Tuesday night for Jer to have, and to use for lunches later in the week. No beans, so again, focus on the meat and veggies

Thursday: Breaking out the fish stock for a Thai soup with zucchini, leftover fish, and coconut milk.

Friday: Chicken. Haven’t decided yet if I am just going to roast the whole bird I have in my freezer or cut it up like I did last time. Need to practice my butchering skills!

Saturday: Chicken soup with leeks and carrots. Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has some great ideas on taking existing recipes and removing the grains, playing up the veggies. Good thing I like carrots, and have a five pound bag of them in my fridge!

I don’t feel deprived with this kind of menu. I will admit to being sorely tempted when we went into Frost Doughnuts for coffee this weekend. The smell is intoxicating! But we stayed strong and have been faithful. And I think it will be worth it.

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